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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


looks like there are awesome matchups in this card. but before i continue i would like to congratulate ricky hatton on an awesome career. reggie will miss ya buddy.

sean "the muscleshark" sherk vs frankie "the answer" edgar

former champion sean sherk is well known for his extraneous workouts and training regime. he has also fought some of the best fighters in his class, losing only to st pierre and penn. as an excellent wrestler and good striker, he will have his roided up hands full with toms river native frankie edgar. edgar has fought at the top of his division as well beating standouts such as clay guida and spencer fisher. he is known to never give up and has won fights after fighting his way out of some sick leg locks and chokes. this jersey wrestler turned mma fighter will need a solid gameplan to beat out sherk. both of these fighters are wrestling based and have an extreme amount of stamina. this fight should be fast paced throughout with sherk winning 29-28 via unanimous decision.

matt hughes vs mat serra

i dont think i really need a big bio on hughes, but i do want to say this. its been announced that this will be his last fight. although he may not look like the same fighter from his previous performances, he is more or less the same. he may not technically be called a one dimensional fighter, but he does favor wrestling/ground and pound a lot more than anything else. with all that said, he is still a very formidable opponent for strong island native mat "the terra " serra. serra is a sick bjj black belt that can throw bombs with both hands. he has been around as long as hughes has, and should be able to showcase his abilities should he gain top position in this fight. for this fight however, hughes should be able to overwhelm serra with his wrestling ability and size advantage. i forsee a late 2nd round tko

"suga" rashad evans vs lyoto "the dragon" machida

i dont know if there are any bigger enigmas than these 2. they are both undefeated with underdog wins over many of their opponents. lets start with suga rashad. evans is a boxer/wrestler who uses unorthodox striking to knock out many a foe such as chuck liddell, and jason lambert. he has fought all types of fighters from extremely large wrestlers to technical strikers and grapplers and has beaten them all. his opponent, machida comes from a karate background. his family invented their own style of karate and lyoto has adapted this to mma very successfully. his style of fighting causes him virtually no harm as he evades and frustrates the opponent and capitalizes on their misatakes with precise strikes. he has beaten several top name opponents including tito ortiz. i see this fight going to machida via unanimous decision.

see you guys next time

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Playoff update

Yea so I've been slacking on the playoff hockey updates?  What do you expect? I'm busy watching them...

Boston vs. Carolina

Pittsburgh vs. Washington

Anaheim vs. Detroit

Chicago vs. Vancouver 

When asked if he could comment on the curvature of his hockey stick because of recent suspicion, Alex Ovechkin put all doubts of his legitimacy to rest..."I didn't even know about it. What can I say? Nothing." Apparently He doesn't even know what that silly curve is doing down there.  Its probably legal but I'm guessing he is going to have a thorough stick examination sometime in the upcoming days.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Round 1. East Coast Predictions

Bruins vs Canadiens
- Bruins are going to take it for sure. 1st seed vs 8th seed, and the Bruins have been dominant all season. This will still be fun to watch. The fights have been outa sight!

Rangers vs Capitals
- Capitals' Alex Ovechkin will stand on his head throughout the entire playoffs. Caps got em.

Devils vs Hurricanes
- This one will go 7 games i feel. Devils haven't been playing great but they will turn around and prove themselves by advancing past Carolina.

Penguins vs Flyers
- Penguins acquired some talent late in the season and have been on a tear. They will continue their streak straight through the playoffs, running on revenge-fuel from last year's near championship.

These match-ups are intense. Everyone should watch playoff hockey.

Monday, April 13, 2009



another anderson silva fight in the books. just as a heads up, i probably wont comment on any anderson silva fights unless its with gsp. besides the silva fight, there are plenty of great matchups, so ill try to comment on the 3 best ones. on with the fights!

Sam Stout Vs. Matt Wiman

coming off of his last 2 losses, sam "hands of stone" stout is a ufc veteran who is very prepared for this fight. starting off as a very competetive international kickboxer, stout adapted his kickboxing style to mma. stout is in the upper echelon of his class, and has fought some of the best fighters in the ufc's 155 pound stable. he will be facing "handsome" matt wiman. wiman is a tuf alumnus who had a very good showing on the reality show. wimans best attributes are his bjj and his standup, although he is also a great wrestler. although this should be a very close match, sam stout should be the better striker and as a veteran, should be able to avoid takedowns early. the outcome should come out as a unanimous decision for stout.

David Loiseau Vs. Ed Herman

oh man, this is gonna be a good fight. although he hasnt been in a ufc match since september 2006, david "the crow" loiseau has had quite a few fights, and has defeated former champion evan tanner and lost to rich franklin for the middleweight belt. his opponent, ed "short fuse" hermann, is a very good ground and pounder who gives great bjj as well. he has been in countless submission holds where he not only didnt tap, but successfully fought out of. this can be a close fight to call as short fuse is still not at the peak of his ability, but loiseau hasnt been in a fight in a long time. i believe although the first one will be back and forth, loiseau will end up catching hermann with a few of his razor sharp elbows and win by tko or doctor stoppage late in the 2nd.

Jason MacDonald Vs. Nate Quarry

another great matchup for this event. jason "the athlete" mcdonald is one of the top middleweights in the ufc. he has fought and beaten some of the best in his class, including victories over both ed hermann as well as chris leben. the athlete uses his great conditioning to outlast opponents, and is excellent at jiu jitsu sumbissions and defense. his opponent, nate "the rock" quarry is no slouch with his conditioning as well. he stays calm in his fights, as most ufc veterans do and hits as hard as a corned beef and cabbage dump day after st paddy's. most of his victories are by 1st round ko's and tko's. this one is hard to call as i give the standup to quarry, but the ground game to macdonald. i believe the outcome will be a mid 3rd round submission victory to macdonald.

hope you guys find this useful, and ill see you at the neckst event, gah.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Final thoughts on the nets

first of all id like to say;, i dont care what the over was and that the nets covered, this season was a disappointment. I think nets fan would agree with me that this team has some excitment between harris ,brrok lopez, and keyon dooling,,, so im going into next year with excitment. But for as far as frank goes, i have to think his time hear his dwindling down, Carter, god bless him, great guy, great player, but if hes still around when the nets make some playoff runs with this team, it will not be because of him. ok who else ummmmm i like bobby simmons, id like to see him back, sean williams needs to get it together but id like him to stick around, bad YIconomy, yi gotta go, and lets hope Rthorn does well in the lottery. sorry to make fun other YIs name, ive been listening to alot of skrewdriver