Thursday, April 9, 2009

Final thoughts on the nets

first of all id like to say;, i dont care what the over was and that the nets covered, this season was a disappointment. I think nets fan would agree with me that this team has some excitment between harris ,brrok lopez, and keyon dooling,,, so im going into next year with excitment. But for as far as frank goes, i have to think his time hear his dwindling down, Carter, god bless him, great guy, great player, but if hes still around when the nets make some playoff runs with this team, it will not be because of him. ok who else ummmmm i like bobby simmons, id like to see him back, sean williams needs to get it together but id like him to stick around, bad YIconomy, yi gotta go, and lets hope Rthorn does well in the lottery. sorry to make fun other YIs name, ive been listening to alot of skrewdriver

1 comment:

  1. yeah, I watched Yi miss dunks in consecutive games cuz he didn't jump high enough. That guy sucks.