Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Round 1. East Coast Predictions

Bruins vs Canadiens
- Bruins are going to take it for sure. 1st seed vs 8th seed, and the Bruins have been dominant all season. This will still be fun to watch. The fights have been outa sight!

Rangers vs Capitals
- Capitals' Alex Ovechkin will stand on his head throughout the entire playoffs. Caps got em.

Devils vs Hurricanes
- This one will go 7 games i feel. Devils haven't been playing great but they will turn around and prove themselves by advancing past Carolina.

Penguins vs Flyers
- Penguins acquired some talent late in the season and have been on a tear. They will continue their streak straight through the playoffs, running on revenge-fuel from last year's near championship.

These match-ups are intense. Everyone should watch playoff hockey.

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