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stephon marbury is an unbelievable basketball player... too bad he's also a lunatic.

well the knicks have finally sent him packing and it looks like he's boston bound.... it's my hunch that he doesn't last a month up there.

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Even before hitting a fifty foot game winner at the buzzer devin harris was having a great game... and while yes, the nets suck this year, i now feel optimistic about this team. devin harris is the perfect guy to build a team around and rod thorn knows that.... i suspect the nets will be right in the mix of the playoff picture next season.

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C Stands For Crips

Andei Kostitsyn, Sergei Kostitsyn, and Roman Hamrlik of the Montreal Canadiens are under investigation for links with Pasquale Magniola, who faces weapon/drug charges and allegedly worked with rival gangs in Montreal.  

A lot of this is still up in the air, but from my investigatorial experience I'd reckon that their loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins on the 19th put them in a bad mood, which, if you're from Montreal, is overcome by obtaining hookers.  Obviously in order to obtain a sufficient amount of hookers for an entire team one would have to get in with some gangs and pimps.  Case closed.

But feel free to use your own reliable news sources for further information on this issue.  I can't keep blogging about those damn Canadians up there.

with a Cherry on top

Don Cherry is a very old Canadian-born broadcaster for CBC. He is out of his mind. He has an endless wardrobe of absurd suits, and he makes at least two politically incorrect statements between every commercial break.

In 1992 he was almost sued for referring to the Finnish Assistant Coach of the Winnipeg Jets, Alpo Suhonen, as "some kind of dog food".

In January of 2004, on the subject of helmet visors, Don Cherry said on Coach's Corner "Most of the guys that wear them are Europeans and French guys." This instigated many French-Canadian protests and forced the network to institute a 7 second delay for Hockey Night Canada. However, a study was soon thereafter published proving that the majority of helmet visor users in the NHL were indeed French and European.

So, although Don Cherry acts and dresses insanely, and angrily asserts his opinion on controversial issues, I think there is always something to take away from his show. Maybe its a politically incorrect statement that we all know is true but won't admit it, or maybe its a hard-to-come-by-instance where he actually provides useful insight on hockey. If not, you're at least guaranteed a good laugh at his attire....Thank you Don Cherry.

Cherry's view on women at hockey games before he learned to dress like an ass.

if you can't be with the one you love love the one youre with

I hope i didnt come down to hard on vince, if i did im sorry , take me back vince, listen vince i was angry i was confused and i didnt know what i wanted. But i know what i need, i need you to vince, we need you.
But in all seriousness Ive never followed a season before where so many teams have not only excepted they cant win, but starting preparing for the next season. Teams trying not to make the playoffs, trading the best player to ease the cap size and basically telling the team and fans ;come on no one but the spurs cavs or lakers or celtics is winning. Which probably will happen, but come on let us root, let us believe. Let the underdog live, atleast for a little while. 

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another ufc in the uk ....great. im all for the ufc branching out in other countries, but in the uk the same fighters are always on the card in these events. in protest, i will be ignoring these fights for this article. ok, with that out of the way, lets get on with the analysis.

demian maia ............................... chael sonnen
Height:6' 0" (183 cm) ............... Height:6' 1" (185 cm)
Weight:185 (84 kg) ................... Weight:185 (84 kg)
Record:10-0-0 .......................... Record: 23-9-1

demian maia, brings it to this fight sporting an undefeated record with impressive wins over ed herman, jason mcdonald and nate quarry. as primarily a jiu jitsu fighter, all of his ufc wins were via submission, not to mention winning 3 submissions of the night over 4 fights. with that said, he will have his hands full protecting his undefeated record over chael sonnen. although sonnen has a record peppered with losses due to submissions, and wins via decision, this veteran fighter has a win streak as well as more experience. coming out of a (non title) win over the current wec middleweight champion, chael brings constant pressure to his opponents as well as a strong wrestling attack. if maia is able to sprawl well over chaels takedown attempts, he should be able to squeeze out another submission victory late in the 2nd round.

nate "the great" marquardt ...... wilson gouveia
Height:6' 0" (183 cm) ................ Height:6' 1" (185 cm)
Weight:185 (84 kg) .................... Weight:185 (84 kg)
Record:30-8-2 ........................... Record: 12-5-0

highly touted middleweight contender, nate the great is a tough match for any opponent. this well rounded mma fighter is capable of winning in all aspects of the sport, beating known striker joe doerkson via tko and known bjj fighter jeremy horn via submission . with the exception of a controversial split decision loss to thales leites, nates only loss since 2004 was to current middleweight champion anderson silva. nate faces heavy handed bjj blackbelt wilson gouveia. gouveia, like marquardt has several wins via ko as well as tapouts. this will be an interesting physical chess match between these two. i see this fight going to a split decision with nate as the victor.

joe "daddy" stevenson ............... diego "nightmare" sanchez
Height:5' 7" (170 cm) ................. Height:5' 11" (180 cm)
Weight:155 (70 kg) .................... Weight:155 (70 kg)
Record:34-9-0 ........................... Record:21-2-0

the main event features two fighters who have won their ufc conbtracts from the ultimate fighter tv show. as a shorter fighter, stevenson has beaten some of the best fighters his weight class has to offer. losing only to current champion bj penn and #1 ranked contender kenny florian, joe daddy is an excellent wrestler with many of his takedowns ending up on the highlight reel. stevensons opponent sanchez, had an undefeated streak of 17 defeating high caliber opponents such as kenny florian, nick diaz and karo parisyan. his first loss was to josh koschek in a very uneventful fight. it was later revealed that the nightmare fought with a staph infection resulting in a coffee cup sized hole in his leg the next day. diegos return to the ufc after the injury showed a different fighter. not looking as dominant as he'd been in the past, diego dropped down to lightweight debuting in this fight. it remains to be seen if the nightmare is back to his old winning ways. i give this fight to joe daddy via unanimous decision.

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charge for assaulting his wife Joumana in anger/and my nets

fukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjason fukn kiddd, 2002 celtics fan were right with this fukn dude, ,,,, i was too close too see. sorry paul pierce. well youre a piece, pierce, of shit too


Zdeno Chara: 6'9'' 255 lb.
Dany Heatly: 6'4'' 221 lb.
Chubby kid in the front row: Shitting his pants


... i'd love artest to come play for the nets... in fact... i think i'd be call to bring a bunch of sports bad boys the the ny/nj area....

the jets need a qb.... let's bring mike vick in.... and let's get manny ramirez to the mets already... we all want them.... and the

giants should resign plax..... and let's get sean avery back to the rangers... they could sure use him.

now here comes the best part... let's move them all into a house... just like the real world.... and watch the hijinx ensue....

i think we've got a hit show on our hands here....

who slams harder? _____________or vince carter

Watching the nets get embarressed by teh rockets last night got me not only prepared for a trade but got my hoping, and excited for trade. I got hope for this nets team; lopez, harris, ryan anderson, keyon dooling, i believe could be the future of this team. Vince has had his best season as a net this year, undoubtedly i'd say. But just like delgato i don't think he'll be able to do it again. I maybe wrong , sure, but if we could get the likes of shane battier, ron artest or even Mcgrady,,, carter? he'd be a distance memory of a time of mediocre net teams.

The Panther's Promise Plan: Hockey Fans Beware

You could say the Florida Panther's season is looking pretty good right about now.  Standing in 6th place in the eastern conference, they are currently qualified for playoffs if the cutoff were today.  Not to mention, they just shut out the 3rd place Devils 4 to 0.  Sounds like this top notch team is guaranteed a playoff spot, right? I mean thats why they are offering the "Panthers Promise Plan", a ticket plan starting at $1,112.00 that offers tickets to 4 games and seats at the playoff games. If they don't make the playoffs then your out of luck, because all of that money just goes to 4 measly early season games next year.  But who cares? The Panthers are going to make the playoffs, right?
Wrong, asshole.  You see, the only reason the Panthers would offer such a package is because they know they wont make it to the playoffs, so they can pocket all of that cash you threw down thinking this team is a sure shot.  In regards to them shutting out the Devils last night; the Devils didn't give a crap about that game.  In the past week the Devils shut out the Rangers and defeated the Sharks and Bruins who are way on top of their respective conferences.  They went into the Panthers game without a care, and basically let them have their fun.  Just to prove that the Panthers don't deserve to be where they are, look at what happened on the nights of January and December 31st.  They lost to the last ranked team in the league, the Islanders. Thats not playoff material my friend.
To finish my forewarning to any prospective "Panthers Promise Plan" buyers, I advise you to look at the Panthers week ahead.  They'll be playing the Bruins not once, but twice, amongst several other top ranked teams such as Alex Ovechkin's Capitals.  If that doesn't poop on the Panther's playoff party, then this team has earned its place, but good luck with that.
So I'm offering to my fellow hockey fans a playoff package that will guarantee its value or your money back.  Just go to where you'll find live streaming videos of every hockey game.  Click on the game of your liking, and drink some beer.  This plan may not have a snappy name but its cheap and sure to please.

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ufc fighters to look out for

***disclaimer:this list only focuses on ufc fighters***

houston "the assassin" alexander

as a 36 year old 205 pounder, alexander is currently working on his way out a losing streak. all 5 of his fights have not made it past the 1st round. 2 of alexanders 3 losses were due to a knockout, leading many to believe houston's weak chin is the way to beat him. getting to his chin is not as easy as it looks as the assassin focuses mainly on offensive attacks using a barrage of powerful knees and uppercuts. both of his 2 wins were quick ko's with the combined time of 1:49.

matt "the hammer" hamill

fighting at the 205 pound division, 32 year old hamill was first spotted on the scene as a contestant for the ultimate fighter tv show. with 6 months of fight experience, he showed promise as he beat his opponents with ease, although ultimately bowing out of the finals due to injury. matt returned to the ring and has dominated his opponents using his wrestling and brutal ground and pound attack. he has only 2 losses, one being his friend rich franklin, the other, a controversial decision loss to uk's own michael bisping, as the hammer clearly appeared to have won 2 out of 3 rounds in that fight. look for hamill in the future as he has improved boxing and a brutal ground and pound attack.

rousimar palhares

rousimar (pronounced hoo-sim-ar) is one of the more recent ufc acquisitions. at 185 pounds, this 28 year old is one of the most exciting brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners in the ufc. his wins over experienced jiu jitsu fighters ivan salavery and jeremy horn show palhares capitalizing on any mistake a fighter may make and quickly attempting a submission. depending on his opponents defense, he thinks moves ahead as he quickly transitions into other submissions while making it look easy. his only loss in the octagon was via unanimous decision to dan henderson, former middleweight champion.

frankie "the answer" edgar

fighting out of toms river nj, this 27 year old 155 pounder is one of the more exciting lightweights in the ufc. previously employed a a jersey plumber, the only cracks you'll see from him are the ones that hit your skull. he has landmark victories over spencer fisher, tyson griffin and hermes franca. with only 1 loss to his 8 fights, he has shown tremendous heart as displayed in one of his first victories in the sport. the answer was caught in a tight kneebar transitioned into a heel hook with over a minute left. the answer toughed it out and eventually eked out the win.

clay "the carpenter" guida

as one of my favorite lightweight fighters, guida, win or lose never disappoints. he is a great all around fighter, but his main strength is wrestling and ground and pound. clay has shown not only durablility, but speed and stamina as well. he brings to the octagon a quick pace that doesnt slow down forcing opponents to keep up the pace or end up on the matt.


brett farve retires.... again.... thanks for nothing brett.... at least you didn't drag it out all off season.

in an unrelated story mark immediato has been let go as a reporter for raw blogging it.... the split was amicable and we wish mark all the best of luck in any and all future ventures.

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YEH YEH i was wrong about the nets, i didnt realize carter was back on the rag,, anyway here's all i have to say about the a rod, aroid a fukt efukt whatever....

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as a nets fan you have to be excited with the way things are looking. It was great to see kenyon back, but brook lopez made him look like a fool. I realize it's been a few years since we parted ways but he plays with no more enthusiasm, motivation than any other guy on the nuggets bench. 4 point 3 rebounds against your old team is straight up shitty. He looked like a different guy.
but as for the nets this season, so far, i think i've seen a deffinet high point.

The Rim Wrecker, the Go-Rilla, the Look Out Below, the In-Your-Face Disgrace, the Cover Your Head, the Yo-Mama, and the Spine-Chiller Supreme

ufc fight night lauzon vs stephens

UFC® Fight Night™ Lauzon vs Stephens

the first fight of the night is 27 year old brooklyn native steve bruno.  now fighting out of coconut creek florida, steve has a 
13-4-0 record.  with striking as his primary strength, he faces 23 year old TUF contestant matthew riddle. with a 1-0-0 record, 
riddle is primarily a wrestler with good striking ability and possesses a purple belt in bjj. this fight i believe will be a standup 
fight with bruno as the better striker. riddle should at some point revert to wrestling midway through. i see this as a 2nd round 
ko for bruno.

another fight to focus on is kurt pellegrino vs rob emerson. point pleasant nj born pellegrino brings to the table an 18-4-0
record with strengths in body slam style wrestling as well as some pretty darn good jiu jitsu. irvine californias own rob
emerson comes out of tuf with a strong showing. emerson, for his size, shows great strength and takedown defense with a
good kickboxing offense to boot. i see this fight going to a unanimous decision with kurt "batman" pellegrino as the victor.

another fight of note would be luigi fiorivanti vs anthony "rumble" johnson. fiorivanti has shown good striking ability and great
takedown defense. with a 13-4-0 record, he has notable victories over dave menne, luke cummo and brody farber. at 6-2-0, 
johnsons last few fights have been nothing less than stellar. as an explosive striker, i see johnson winning by tko in the 2nd 

next we have tuf winner mac danzig vs josh "the dentist" neer. danzig, with 19-5-1 under his belt, has a sharp mind and
maintains his composure in the octagon. as an experienced fighter, he'll have his hands full facing josh neer. neer is a well 
rounded mma fighter with a 27-4-1 record. he has some impressive ko victories under his belt as well as victories over
melvin guillard and joe stevenson. the dentist should have this fight won late in the 2nd round with a tko.

in the main event, massachussetts native joe lauzon brings it with a 16-4-0 record. as a submission specialist, he has faced
the best in his weight class and has a notable ko victory over jens pulver. corn fed iowa fighter jeremy stephens has a 
16-3-0 record. he is an exciting fighter to watch as he not only throws some heavy hands, but shows tremendous heart, and 
never gives up. this fight should go back and forth in points over both fighters with lauzon edging stephens out for a split 

***the planet needs our help...decrease power consumption and carbon emissions and dont forget to recycle!!!***

So What Long Face Phelps Loves Ganja

Yes I said it, Phelps has a long face. He is not attractive. He is a "butterface" and should be considered a merman instead of a human. Oh, and he smokes weed. Big woop. So what that long-face motherfucker smokes weed. Everyone and their mom is going crazy about a college kid smoking weed. I mean that's what long-faced college kids do. The media and everybody with nothing better to do are in an uproar and  are making that merman freak say sorry. But my question is "Sorry for What?" So what another douche bag likes to take a bong hit at a party... and so what that douche bag happens to be a freak in the water. Do we all need to harp on him? Do we need to taunt him with threats of taking away his endorsements? The answer is NO. Who the fuck are we to judge that fuck-face?

After his eight medals, Phelps was thrown into the public eye and became America's long-faced hero. And he also became a role model. But guess what...role models fuck up too. And ugly role models tend to fuck up more because they are ugly (Just had to add that in). After these pictures were exposed Phelps gave interview after interview and apologized for his behavior. So why can't we as a people move on from this after his apology? Why are we still stuck talking about this long-faced fuck.  The only time I want to hear about that ugly fuck Phelps is when the Olympics role around in a couple of years. Until then, let the boy take bong hits or smoke a spliff without being judged by "US". I mean, the only thing he's got going for him is his lower body. Let the long-faced fuck live. 



Joe Calzaghe retires... happy trails joe... it was a helluva career. i do wish you'd have fought chad dawson befor hanging em up but oh well....

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I don't care that it's only February, I'm predicting right here and now that the richard jeffersonless 08 09 nets will win 35-40 games and beat out last years team. and not too mention hold down a playoff birth.

Not saying it was RJs fault, last year if you asked me who to trade rj or vince,, go fuk yourself send aircananda packing. but after watching vince and harris play unselfish ball for 3 months i'm sold. I also gotta say that maybe i was parshall to rj while he was running the team last year, these days watching that whiney rj squeak about his hellos to his mom and we gotta keep playing harder shit, i can think clearly about him. And ive come to one conclusion... it wasn't his style of play, he was kidds main man, he was first down the on hlaf the fast breaks. It was that he couldnt hang with the team. Probably would rat on kidd if he cheated, told kenyon to take it easy when he was fukt up, told mutumbo to put down that x, what have you. That was the problem.

NBA Standings - 2007-2008
Division | Conference | League
Regular Standings | Expanded Standings
Preseason | Regular Season
Hollinger's Power Rankings | Hollinger's Playoff Odds
[+] Add Widget | Stein's Power Rankings
Eastern Conference
z-Boston 66 16 .805 - 35-6 31-10 41-11 14-2 100.5 90.3 +10.3Won 4 9-1
x-Toronto 41 41 .500 25 25-16 16-25 29-23 10-6 100.2 97.3 +2.9Lost 1 4-6
x-Philadelphia 40 42 .488 26 22-19 18-23 25-27 7-9 96.6 96.2 +0.4Lost 4 3-7
New Jersey 34 48 .415 32 21-20 13-28 26-26 4-12 95.8 100.9 -5.1Lost 1 3-7
New York 23 59 .280 43 15-26 8-33 20-32 5-11 96.9 103.5 -6.6Lost 3 3-7
although all seemed ok on the court, or good enough i should say, maybe the rebuilt big 3 wasn't as solid as they appeared.


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